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Hunt Australia - Watervalley Game Ranch

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Watervalley, in South Australia, is a working cattle and sheep ranch of more than 300,000 acres. The area is relatively flat with gently rolling hills and about 25% of the area is covered with thick scrub. Six species of deer were released onto the property in 1985 and have since established themselves as self-sustaining, managed herds. All deer within this area are free roaming - there are no internal restraining fences in the main hunting area. Your guide is highly experienced in this area and knows where and how to find the biggest trophies.

4WD vehicles are used to access the hunting areas where spot and stalk methods are our favored hunting technique. While reasonable amounts of easy walking are required, physically challenged hunters can enjoy hunting on this property.

While at Watervalley, our accommodation is a modern and comfortable cottage, right in the middle of the ranch. We supply high quality family type meals with cold beer and wines.

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Hunting Season

Red stag and Fallow bucks are in hard antler by the beginning of February while Sambar and Rusa stags are generally out of velvet by mid-May. The best time to hunt all of these species together is May through July.

We have however taken outstanding Sambar and Rusa stags with hard and polished antlers in February and as late as November. Axis stags and wild goats can be taken at just about any time of the year.The deer are often seen and heard right from the accommodation on the property.

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As longer range shots are often required, flat shooting rifles like a 7mm mag or 300 magnums are our choice of caliber. Sambar deer are notoriously tough to kill and heavier magnum caliber scoped rifles with heavier premium grade bullets are most desirable.

If you want to bring your own rifles and ammunition to Australia, we have to pre-arrange your entry permits before you depart for your holiday with us. We require suitable lead time for these permits. Permits will not be issued for pistols or semi auto rifles to be imported into Australia. We have excellent quality suitable rifles available for hire if our hunters prefer this option.

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Recommended Equipment & Clothing

Good quality binoculars are essential.

The climate at Watervalley is described as dry temperate. This is grape and wine producing country. During February, daily maximum temperature will range up to 85 degrees F with cooler night time temperatures. In June, which is our winter, daily temperatures will range up to 65degrees F. The rainy season is from July to September, but it can rain at any time throughout the year.

During our summer hunts from February until April, lightweight darker pattern cotton camo is most suitable with a light jacket for early mornings and late evening hunts.

During our May to July hunts, American fall hunting warmer clothes are more suitable with warm hat, outer jacket and gloves for very early morning hunts. Comfortable easy country walking boots are most suitable.

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If you choose to fly to South Australia - a Hunt Australia representative will meet you at Adelaide airport. Adelaide has regular commercial flights from all other Australian international airports. You will be returned to Adealide, following completion of your hunt.

Watervalley is situated in the coastal south-east of South Australia, close by the famous Coorong National Park and a day drive to the Barossa Valley wine country. Some visitord choose to fly into Melbourne, rent a car and then drive the Great Ocean road around to Watervalley - one of the great scenic drives of the world.

Other South Pacific Hunting Opportunities

Hunt Australia conducts hunts for all species available throughout the South Pacific, along with our unique Culling and Shooting School programs. Our operations span Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia. If you require any further information regarding any of the hunts that we offer, please contact us.

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Photos from Watervalley Game Ranch

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