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Hunting for Javan Rusa Deer

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Rusa Deer in Australia

Javan Rusa Deer are available wild and free on the island of New Caledonia and in a large Game Ranch in South Australia.

New Caledonia

Home of the Giant Rusa Stags
Hunt Australia Safaris - Rusa Deer HuntingThe arrival point for New Caledonia is Tontouta Airport. This is approximately 40 minutes from Noumea, the capital city.

New Caledonia is a French protectorate. The population is a mix of French colonials, (many who have been in the country for generations,) the native Melanesians and a small variety of other races.

The main industry was strongly based on nickel, however, the importance of this is diminishing. Tourism has had an increasing importance. Coffee and other crops are also grown.

The seas around the island are rich in exotic fish and coral - New Caledonia forms the outer boundary of the Coral Sea (site of a major sea battle during World War II). It was also the base for major concentrations of allied troops during that time, as well as a forward staging area for aircraft operating in the Pacific theatre.

Please note that visas are no longer required to enter New Caledonia.

Best Time to Hunt
The only time to hunt for Javan Rusa Deer in New Caledonia is during the rut from mid-July to mid-August each year.

Hunting Method
We drive before daylight each morning from our hotel to the hunting areas. We then walk in the dark to our selected hunting location and listen for the stags roaring. We then attempt to close on our selected stags before daylight. Then the hunt begins.

After each morning hunt we return to the hotel for lunch and an afternoon nap or swim in the hotel swimming pool. We then drive back to the hunting areas again for an afternoon hunt.

Hunting is exclusively by glassing and stalking woodlot edges on unfenced farmlands.

We are now able to get entry permits for our hunter's non-military calibre sporting rifles and one box of ammunition per hunter. We recommend a minimum of 270W or a 7mm Rem Mag rifle.

A 300 Magnum is the maximum calibre rifle allowed in the country and a very good choice for those hunters who can shoot the 300 well. If you do not wish to use your own firearms, Hunt Australia can supply you with a good quality scoped rifle.

Lightweight cotton clothing is required. Shorts/trousers and shirts are recommended during the daytime, with a jacket for early mornings and evenings. There are some areas of thorns, so long trousers would be an asset.

We also suggest that you pack lightweight hunting boots with vibram soles, sunscreen, hat, insect repellent and a pair of good quality binoculars. We ask that you supply 2 x heavy-duty plastic bags and 2 x hessian bags to transport trophies home with you.

Hunt Australia Safaris - Rusa Deer HuntingWeather Conditions
The weather in New Caledonia is tropical - pleasantly warm during the day, approximately 80F. The temperature in the evenings can cool down to approximately 60F.

Transport, Accommodation and Facilities Available
The hunting area is approximately a 40 minutes drive from Tontouta Airport. Arrival and departure dates are generally Saturday to Saturday each week.

Upon your arrival at Tontouta Airport, you will clear Customs, declaring you rifle if you have one. Make your way to the exit area outside the terminal. Where you will be met by a Hunt Australia representative, who will transport you to the hotel.

You will be accommodated in a country hotel at La Foa. The hotel has a swimming pool and a French seafood restaurant, where we eat all of our evening meals. Casual clothes for dining are recommended at the hotel.

Javan Rusa Deer in Australia

Hunting Method
In South Australia hunting is by driving to selected locations, then by walking the rolling hill country, glassing then stalking the game.

The hunting equipment to use is exactly the same as the hunting equipment recommended to be used in New Caledonia for the Javan Rusa hunts.

Weather Conditions
In South Australia the weather is generally dry with warm sunny days and cool to cold evenings.

Accommodation and Facilities Available
In South Australia accomodation and meals are at our modern motel located just 30 minutes drive from the hunting area.


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