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Cull Hunting

Advanced Practical Shooting School

The following information will give you some insight into how these hunts operate. We commence hunting in late April, after the country dries out following the wet season and only operate in the cool dry months of May until September. The weather is warm sunny days and cool nights. The guides hunt in shorts, but you may prefer long cotton trousers and long-sleeved shirts. You need sun block, sunglasses and a wide brim hat to protect you from the sun during the day. In our current camp we have 8 X twin bed bungalows with beds, linen, deep freezers, refrigeration, hot showers. This camp is on a two million-acre working cattle ranch. We get up at daybreak each day, have a good breakfast and pack some sandwiches and cold drinks in a cooler and set off for the day. Around early afternoon we stop for a swim and lunch, then head for home, planning to be back at camp around dark.

Hunt Australia - Cull HuntingWhile we have a couple of cold beers and a hot shower our cook fires up the barbecue and prepares our dinner. This is followed by ice cream or other dessert. The property is 2.5 hours air charter south of Darwin, so we like to group our hunters for fun and economy.

The aircraft can only take 3 hunters and their gear at one time. Three hunters sharing the air charters reduces your cost dramatically. Please remember that this is way out in the outback. Super remote. If you wish to undertake our culling hunt, you can book to hunt alone, or you may be able to get a group of friends together for this fun hunt. Alternatively, we may be able to arrange for you to join in a group of hunters already booked.

There is a lot of fun to be had hunting two hunters to one guide. Hunting in this way reduces your cost for both the hunt and the air charters.

If you would like to bring your own firearms to Australia we have the firearms permit applications that you will be required to complete. Automatic or semi-automatic firearms and handguns are not allowed. However you may prefer to use our rifles. We have available for hire Ruger and Remington 308W and 30-06 rifles with Leupold scopes. We ship in 20,000 rounds of ammo at the start of each season.

Hunt Australia - Cull HuntingWe hunt by cruising the property farm tracks in our 4WD Toyota Landcruisers. We shoot every feral animal we see right from the Toyota, or within a short walk. It makes very productive hunting with two shooters in one Toyota. We also hunt surrounding properties at the same time. In this combined area there are 50,000 feral donkeys, horses, camels, dingoes, etc. Although we have taken just over 13,000 donkeys from this property so far, it is not making too much of an impression. We still need to reduce the remaining numbers dramatically. There is no bag limit, except on camels where a trophy fee applies. We like to hunt two hunters to each guide and Toyota as when we come across a big mob of donkeys (20 or 30, or up to 60 in a bunch) one shooter simply cannot shoot them all. We let none get away. We always shoot every donkey we see so that there are no escapees to spread the word that we are out there.

We empty 400 rounds of ammo into an open one gallon ice cream container and count how many donkeys we get to the gallon!!! It is usual for each hunter to shoot 100 rounds to 200 rounds per day, depending on how furious the action is throughout the day. Sometimes we just do not find too many, but most days we kill 50 to 100 per Toyota. You should plan on using 1,000 rounds in a five-day hunt. We use and recommend 308W and 30-06 so that you can shoot all day and all week without hurting yourself. 150-grain bullets are adequate.

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We like to hunt one hunter per guide during shooting school hunts. The exception is for husband and wife combinations and father and son combinations. Instead of simply shooting every animal we can, we take a much steadier approach. We discuss each shooting opportunity and formulate a mini hunt for each separate situation. We help you decide how to hold the rifle, which field position available is best and walk you into each situation. After the shooting is over we discuss "what went wrong" and how to improve your technique and your result. Then we find another bunch of donkeys and do it again, all day, every day. You will notice your improvement and mounting confidence every day. If you require further more comprehensive information at this time please contact us again. Try it. You will enjoy it.

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Hunt Australia Safaris - Big Game Hunting

Hunt Australia Safaris - Big Game Hunting

Hunt Australia Safaris - Big Game Hunting

Hunt Australia Safaris - Big Game Hunting

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